FAIL : Please HTTPS POST with the values URL Encoded (Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded): corporateId (int, required), apiKey (string, required), branchId (int, optional), branchApiId (string, optional), reviewName (string, required), reviewEmail (string, required/optional), reviewSMSNumber (string required/optional), smsBody (string optional 160 chars max prefixed with company name and postfixed with review URL), sendType (email or sms, optional default email), sendNow (true or false, optional default false), reviewFlowNumber (int, optional default 1), reviewCity (string, optional), postalCode (string, optional), daysToWait (int, optional), hidden1 (string, optional), hidden2 - hidden10 (string, optional), customFields (string, optional), productionMode (true or false, optional default false). Ampersands separate field=value pairs (i.e. corporateId=1&branchId=1...). Values are URL Encoded (a & b = a+%26+b).